Thursday 12 December 2019


Hi I just designed a modern bathroom and sauna for a friend. The apartment is in Salo, its a little bit old, my friend just moved in few month ago. He had so many requirements, I just hope I made a good job.
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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Invalid apartment

Hi Everyone, I designed an invalid apartment for a young lady. She had color and material requirements as well.
My client approved this design :-) of course with little changes. Thanks for visiting Zsu

Thursday 21 March 2019

Learning SketchUp - Video Tutorials

Bedroom makeover

Dear Reader,

Few month ago an 83 years old lady asked me to refresh her bedroom - just a bit. First she wanted to save almost everything she had in that room (especially the handmade green rya rug), but she changed her mind and said goodbye for that precious piece. Project was quite low budget and quick.
She is pretty happy for the result especially the wallpaper she choose. After we agreed how and what to change, I started designing and after very soon I put on my plastic glowes to change the wallpapers (what was quite a job, because there were multiple layers of wallpapers on the walls), fix cracks, paint the walls and made her list to buy/or change. 



Job is done, customer is satisfied and salary is paid. :-)

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Wednesday 20 March 2019


Hi everyone,

Yesterday we had an exciting and quick project at school: designing a guestroom with possible accommodation for 2 or 3 person, for a lady who sew quite a lot, has a dog and overall likes natural light colors, besides of many more requirements.... :-)

Here is my design, where the main colors are pigeon and yale blue, paper white and light oak:

Some details:

Vallila curtain

Aveo wallpaper


 Huonekalutehdas Seppänen Oy


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Wednesday 6 March 2019

Hi Everyone,

Let me show you my first Sketchup model from last spring. Since then I developed as well as the program. :-)) It was just a trial, and I used so many colors however otherwise I do not use many of them. They are not fashionable nowadays (unfortunatelly).

I like how in Sketchup it’s so easy to design using there draw then push and pull method making someone without a background in CAD able to design an object. Designing using measurements is very simple with their tool kit. Sketchup has a great support forum and YouTube video collection. I had no background in using Autocad or Solidworks and within an hour I was drawing shapes and making house drawings.

Sketchup is probably enough good for your DIY projects at home or for beginner interior designers (as me). I will show up with a better design  - I guess so.

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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Shoe shop

Hi everyone,

Some weeks ago I designed a shoe shop. What do you think?

 The cashier

 Childrens corner

Oh, those satin benches......

 There are no roof, I know, I know! :-)

The window and street view

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Have a lovely day!

Lights and shadows

Without light there can’t be shadows, right?

We were modelling a simple room. Its so interesting to see how lights are coming through windows and how shadows work. 
Shadows are caused by something blocking light from going straight. The sun cast shadows which change dramatically through the day. 

Such a small work and huge experience. Thanks Katri. :-)

Have a lovely day.

Designing my first coffee shop

Dear Reader,

If everything goes well next year I will be an official interior designer. The way is still challenging, but that´s fine. Choosing the right materials and colors takes time.
We experiments with the designs. Every time we have new plan to work on, new site to visit with different challenges, we learn from every project we take and we grow better and better and we become creative and creative by time. We don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. Its our design we can implement our own ideas.
We are our own boss. An interior designer rules in his business. :-)

Let me show you my first coffee shop I designed. Topic supposed to be "real Finnish". Getting customers in the door is just the beginning. How you choose to design your coffee shops interior is equally important. From your choice of color scheme, artwork and wall decor, to the counter, dining area, seating area, display cases, menu board, restrooms, your entire coffee shop. Choose materials, colors, and lighting that creates your desired mood. That is what I did. Actually I pretty like the result. :-) forgive me for that :-) 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely creative day! Zsu